Doing the right thing takes courage.


Whistleblower – or Qui Tam litigation — has a long history in the United States. A spate of recent cases – from the Enron
debacle to the Edward Snowden case — has put the spotlight on whistleblowers in this country.

With a surge in cases – from 30 filed in 1987 to 753 in 2013 – increasing numbers of whistleblowers are combatting government and other fraud by reporting it under the whistleblower laws, saving valuable taxpayer dollars and resources.

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Whistleblowers are individuals who have the courage and principles to take a stand and expose misconduct or wrong doing on many levels –
whether in the government or private industry.

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Whistleblowers play a crucial role in uncovering and preventing government and corporate wrong doing. Both state and federal laws incent to report fraud and abuse – and protect them from retaliation.

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Whistleblowers are helping not only the government, but ultimately tax payers. Federal laws typically offer large rewards to whistleblowers who disclose fraud against the government.

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Over our nearly 70-year history, CaseyGerry’s litigation team has handled numerous high stakes cases, including pursuing… Read More »

Coined by consumer activist Ralph Nader, the term whistleblower refers to the whistle a referee may use to indicate foul play. Read More »


Blowing the whistle on fraud or other unlawful activity is a tough task – it takes courage and conviction. Moreover, whistleblower… Read More »

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